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Blaeneinion Beavers Are Released
Rare close-up daylight footage of our newly released European beaver (Castor fiber) residents. Enjoy! x
The Beavers
The beaver enclosure is finally complete - almost 3 acres in the idyllic Welsh countrysideTwo female European beavers were released on 19th November 2011 into a completely secure 2.5 acre enclosure here at Blaeneinion. The project is privately funded.
The sisters were released into their lodge, and emerged a few minutes later to explore their new territory. An emotional moment, and the culmination of months of hard physical work, sensitive negotiations and fleeting moments of questioning our collective sanity.
The main hide and feeding deck foundations are on the right of the picture.  To the far left at the waters' edge, the lodge - made (by humans) from branches, clumps of grass, reeds and lots of mud.  Clearly our lodge-making skills are frowned upon, as the ladies have decided to build a bigger and better version on the south bank instead!
Enormous thanks to the Derek Gow Consultancy for all their valuable conservation advice, support, and the supply of the beavers.
Thanks as well to all the dedicated volunteers and WWOOFers who have worked so hard on the enclosure.  To find out more about the WWOOF scheme, click here
Right: Taken in January 2012, the beavers are busy coppicing Willows to gather material for their lodge and to generate new growth for next years foraging.
Due to the environmental sensitivity of this beautiful area, and out of respect to our neighbours, we prefer that anyone wanting to visit come by bike, on foot or by horse! (The work on overnight pasture, the field shelter and accommodation facilities is underway)
We can arrange to collect groups of up to 6 people.
Please telephone prior to visiting to avoid disappointment: 01654 781215
Why not stay here at 'Beaver Lodge' and do a midnight beaver 'stakeout ' with our night-vision goggles?
Above: Joseph collects material for building the lodge.
Right: Josh and Jack finishing work on making the gate secure - the enclosure is like Fort Knox!
In time, we hope that local people and other interested groups can gain a better understanding of this wonderful creature and it's behaviour. Perhaps the opportunity to observe the beavers in a secure yet semi-wild environment will help to dispel some of the myths surrounding them, and ultimately support the long-term reintroduction of this valuable keystone native species.
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