Blaeneinion - Conservation, B&B, Permaculture, Beavers & The Wild Wood

Blaeneinion is an idyllic and secluded conservation project set in 75 acres of land at the head of the Artists Valley, near Machynlleth in West Wales. We aim to create an inspiring conservation, recreation and educational resource that can be enjoyed by future generations and will provide more habitat and abundance with each passing season.  Above: Our first female European Beaver enjoying fresh willow leaves 

We have reintroduced a pair of European beavers into a large secure enclosure, are reforesting the open pasture with native broad leaf, nut bearing and fruiting trees and continue establishing food growing areas and orchards along permaculture principles. 

Above: Juicy redcurrants ripen against a south facing wall.  Above right: The front of the house lifted by April daffodils.  Right: The poly tunnel abundant with salads in May 2014

Since the project began in November 2008, we have planted 33,000 native saplings - the start of a 'Wild Wood'.  These trees will mature into an abundant forest of fruit, nuts, building materials, fuel and native habitat. 25 more acres will be planted gradually during the winter months for the coming few years. For planting schemes and more info click here

 Above left: Elijah helps to plant saplings.  Left: The beaver pond.  Above: A camping terrace next to the young orchard overlooks the gardens and Valley

Above and right: Walkers and riders who have stayed at Blaeneinion

Our guests are able to enjoy picking salads all year round from the geodesic dome and poly tunnel, collecting eggs for breakfast, plunging in the stream, BBQ's over the fire, and a fantastic range of outdoor pursuits including stunning walks in the Cambrian Mountains directly from the house. Blaeneinion is near the 3 'Mach' cycling routes and ideal as a base for mountain biking adventures.

Left: The geese enjoy paddling in the stream in the front garden (and so do we!)    Below: Raspberries ready to eat
There is comfortable rustic accommodation at 'Beaver Lodge', particularly suitable for climbers, walkers, family retreats, eco-tourists and cyclists. Why not book in for a long weekend to watch and photograph the beavers, or simply for a quiet retreat in stunning surroundings? 

'Narnia', Camping areas and 'Beaver Lodge' offer a range of holiday options.  If you would like to stay here, please get in touch. 

Blaeneinion is a not for profit organisation.
Donations towards further tree planting or the beaver project are much needed and very welcome - please get in touch and we can give you our details.

For Community Open days and Volunteering opportunities, click here

Join the Blaeneinion 'Group' on facebook and get regular photographs and updates

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