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News Spring/Summer 2012

The Poly Tunnel is up!!!!!

Above: After 3 years of landscaping 'wind-deflecting' earth banks, Long drives to dismantle and collect this tunnel bought on ebay, 1.7 cubic metres of concrete for the footings, lots of digging, designing, level-checking, plumb-lines, tea and biscuits - it's up!  50mm diameter steel hoops are spaced at 6ft intervals in the middle to provide extra strength, and crop bars add further stability and vertical growing options.

Words are wholly inadequate to describe the joy of realising this life-long dream!  As a child of 7, on a family outing to a plant nursery - I remember being blissfully transported by deeply breathing in the soft, humid and aromatic air inside a giant  light-filled hot house - packed with life and green.  It was warm and perfect. Back then, all I could think of was how this was some kind of heaven.. and that's where I could happily spend my days .... and that feeling has never left me :)

Above: September 2012 inside the dome there is abundance! Heritage yellow carrots growing in 'sieved' soil in a container yield a heavy crop of large straight roots,  Japanese 'Kyoto Market bunching onions' in their second year are used like spring onions and are just cut and continue to grow.., 'Cherokee' purple climbing beans are prolific and stringless, more monster courgettes, Austrian tree cabbage (1 plant is enough for any family!) and a late but good crop of tomatoes. In between, tiny purple chillis, root parsley, basil, thyme, marjoram and winter lettuces. 

More construction...

Above: The first beaver hide is up ... roof to go on in October 2012.  Left: The log store

More soon.......

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