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Images of Blaeneinion June 2013

Above, Our newest resident - a strong healthy male beaver makes his way to the lake for the first time on release day.

Greg has moved here from Bournemouth - and despite many carefully timed trips to build frames (including one in the middle of the night to keep the bees calm!) all are safely settled.

Greg has 5 large hives housing around 20,000 bees - and we hope to provide a pesticide and herbicide-free 'safe zone' for this vital and dwindling species.  We are currently sowing 'bee plant' seed and hope to develop an 8 acre Wild Flower meadow to support them throughout the year.

Enormous thanks to John Arthey for his stunning photos of the bees and Greg :) click here for more information about John Arthey Images

The Bees have arrived!

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