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News Summer and Autumn 2011
Abundance in the dome - and some produce from the veggie garden (once we had fenced it, late in the season, from the chickens.) 
Despite our deep affection for the birds, we have had to make some tough choices that involved protecting our food production and fruiting hedges. 
We have donated the majority of the birds to a wonderful 'woodland forage' project in Esgair Forest (the emergence of 24 feral chicks one morning was the last straw!), and are blessed in return with 'waste' timber and very sound advice from Peter Bottoms, who has a fantastic sawmill there and is producing pigs and table birds on the forest floor - brilliant!
Now, we will fence in the few birds - rather than the grounds!! My word... that took a while!
Left: Sharon, and a courgette with aspirations of marrow grandeur.
Right: Mibuna greens and curly wurly cress (delicious!) from the 'Real Seed Company', who offer fantastic varieties and great tips on seed collection and cooking!
Below: Even in November, the Dome provides us with fresh herbs, land cress and Japanese salads. Soft fruit cuttings, edible bamboos and tender potted plants over winter in this toasty micro-climate too.
'Construction Spot......'
Work is almost complete on the Gazebo. It will be an invaluable 'third space'  - not home, not work, and not anyone's 'territory'... in theory, these are the places where people relax enough to chat, share information and dream....  (like being at the hairdressers or in the 'smoking corner').
I suspect that during our winter planting, it will be an amazing spot to get some precious daylight whilst being cosy by the fire :)
Above: Rachel and Martin relieved that no stained glass panels were  broken - big smiles after big concentration
Josh, Rachel, little Ella and teeny Pippa are settling into Yurt life...  braving the impending Welsh winter with grace and joyful courage... coupled with very real awareness of attending to wood piles, bathroom needs and cooking.  As the nights draw in, we anticipate knitting and craft evenings... arrrrgggghhhh! - will have to step away from CSI and try to be a decent and creative human being :)
Above: Josh has built the yurt by hand from scratch.  The canvas has been carefully sewn into shape, and they have lined it with woollen blankets and lots of carpets to retain the warmth from the wood burner.
Below: No, not 'Pole henge'..  but the hexagonal foundation posts for the solar shower and al fresco kitchen.
 Above: Bluebell seed harvested this summer. It will be sprinkled amongst the roots of this winters saplings as we plant. Maybe one day (for those of you who are Kew Gardens fans) we can recreate a sort of 'Queen Charlottes Wood'?  x
Above: Everyone enjoys a well deserved celebration around the fire on
November 5th.
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