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NEWS Winter 2010/ Spring 2011
Bird Mayhem!!!!
Our wonderful planting area: rabbit fenced, mulched and ready for planting up last spring's veggies was completely trashed by the chickens!

NOTE TO SELF: research the behaviour of any critter before agreeing to rehouse them....ooops! 
Still, eggcellent offerings -omelettes and souffles abound! Zut alors!

Before..........       and                      

Can't stay cross for long x

Consequently, having nowhere to plant food that the chickens can't get to, we quickly finished the beds in the geodome ...
Below: Final stages of building the raised beds.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who helped plant 8000 trees this winter - often in Arctic conditions!
No more tree planting now until Winter 2011.
Forthcoming residential volunteer 'WWOOF' sessions are as follows:  15th - 28th Jan 2012.
Please phone 01654 781215 or email if you would like a place on any of the sessions.
Bottom right: Vegetable seedings thriving in the gazebo. 
Below: 'Stoatie' at the kitchen window
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